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11 Şubat 2024 - 19:04

Ege Yat

Aegean Yacht: Pearl in the Seas

The sea is the endless coastline of freedom and discovery. And Aegean Yacht is the most reliable guide of adventure in these seas. Our adventure, which started in 1978 with the production of fiberglass rowboats and small boats, has expanded over the years to include the production of large boats.

With our own designs, after 7 years of dedication and work, we have produced more than 40 sailboats and motor yachts and nearly 150 small boats such as Optimist and Pirat. Together with EGE YAT company, which was established in 2001, we started to produce boats at European standards by directing our production to export.

Our first step was to export our renewed EGE 40 DS model to Switzerland, which was an indication of the international recognition of our quality. Today, we continue to provide service with 5 different sailing yacht models from 7 meters to 12 meters and two separate motor yacht models.

In 2008, we founded Egeyat Sailing Club, a platform for sailing enthusiasts. This club brings together maritime enthusiasts and makes their adventures at sea even more enjoyable.

By expanding our dealer and service network throughout Turkey, we expect more sea lovers to meet us and join the Aegean Yacht family.

Aegean Yacht is like a pearl in the maritime world. Each boat we craft with reliability, quality and passion is waiting to create unforgettable memories on the seas. Join the Aegean Yacht family and go on a journey in the magical world of the sea.

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